Sissy Prissy

The sissy maid training continues day after day. Besides learning to do their domestic chores flawlessly, they learn to do them with feminine grace, and each day has hours devoted to movement and deportment classes as they learn how to walk in heels with a properly mincing wiggle in the hips, how to gesture naturally with a sissy curve to the wrist, how to giggle girlishly, how to bat the eyelashes prettily, how to curtsey with proper submission.

Prissy, the shorter of the two, is having a harder time adjusting to life as a helpless sissy. It's not that the makeup and dresses and sissy hair style don't feel right to her, it's that she's faced with the constant reminder of what she used to be. Her former wife is now her mistress, and she loves confronting her sissy ex-husband with the loss of her masculinity at every opportunity.

To make matters worse for Prissy, Stephie has embraced her sissyhood wholeheartedly and is desperately in love with Prissy. How long can Prissy cling to some notion of her former maleness when the beautiful Stephie tempts her so horribly? And because Stephie is the senior sissy maid, she is responsible for getting Prissy dressed and made-up and perfumed and powdered everyday. She gets to touch and caress Prissy in their most intimate moments together, teaching Prissy about how sissies kiss and hold each other.

Soon, the day will come that Stephie has been waiting eagerly for and that Prissy has been half-dreading and half-longing for: the day that they become sissy lovers.

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