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So you want to know my story, how I got to this point, a shemale  turning tricks for men who like a little something extra in their girls?

I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body.  That's what you hear from all  the male-to-female trannies, isn't it?

But for me it's true.

I didn't even know the guy that decided he wanted my female body.  Basically, I just woke up one day trapped in his body, in his life.   Saddled with a job I didn't know how to do and debts I couldn't pay.  I  tried to get my old body back, my old life, but that just left me with an arrest record and a restaining order.

I faked a head injury, got on disability, lived on the margins, trying  to make it as a man, but the wrongness of being in a man's body was too much.

I drifted into the transgender subculture, became a cross-dresser and  got a job at a club where I gained a reputation as one of the best t- girls around.  Of course it was easy for me.  I didn't have to learn  how to walk in high heels or how to do my makeup or hair.

I started turning tricks to get some serious money to pay for the  horomones and the boob job and the body waxing.

But of course, no one wants a tranny that looks like a real woman.  No, t-girls are exaggerated, outrageously feminine, sissified girly-girls.   I spend more money on clothes and makeup and lingerie than I ever did  as a real woman.

So why don't I go all the way?  Why don't I go ahead trade this cock  for a pussy?

It's funny.  After all this time, all this struggle to  get back to being something like a woman again, the truth is, I've  gotten attached to the thing.  I like the way it feels when I play with  it.  I like the way it feels when boys like you pay me to let you suck  on it or to feel it fuck you in the ass.

Maybe someday. But right now I'm thinking about fucking you with this dildo and cumming in your mouth.  And I can see that excites you as  much as it excites me.
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